The Freshwater Fishes I Study

Freshwater fishes investigated in Justin Bagley’s research projects

fishing_400x300_Joey_and_Justin_Costa_RicaInformation about the taxonomy, distribution, natural history, ecology and conservation status of the freshwater fishes that my collaborators and I study in Brazil, Central America, eastern North America (the Gulf-Atlantic Coastal Plain, or GACP), and Australia.  First, I present a list of all of the families we have studied or are currently studying.  The generalized “common name(s)” of the fishes in the family are listed after the family name in parentheses.  Second, below the Family List, I provide a Species List ordering taxa by geographic region, family, and species.  At times, the species scientific name is followed by an appropriate common name, although the species name should be most rigidly relied upon, as this is the correct name in scientific usage, and the taxonomy checks against current literature and/or the California Academy of Sciences Catalog of Fishes (CAS; maintained by Bill Eschmeyer).  Follow the links listed below to brief species accounts written by Justin, and/or to linked sites where you can find publicly available, full species accounts maintained online through external resources such as Fishbase. Justin’s students are also developing some species accounts that will be posted here or on the website for Justin’s General Ecology course.

Photo (above): Justin and undergraduate student Joey Nelson seining Rhamdia (catfish) and tetra habitat in Nicaragua, 2010.

Family List

Family Characidae (tetras)Hybopsis winchelli Chubclear400A

Family Crenuchidae (South American darters)

Family Cyprinidae (minnows, chubs, etc.)

Family Atherinopsidae (silversides)

Family Poeciliidae (livebearers)

Family Cichlidae (cichlids)

Family Centrarchidae (sunfishes and black basses)

Family Galaxiidae (galaxiids)


Species List

Brazilian freshwater fishes

Family Characidae (tetras)

     Hasemania hanseni

Family Crenuchidae (South American darters)

     Characidium fasciatum, darter characin

Family Loricariidae (armored catfishes)

     Hypostomus spp.


Central American freshwater fishes

Amatitlania_kanna5Family Characidae (tetras)

     Astyanax aeneus, tetra

     Astyanax nicaraguensis

     Roeboides bouchelli

[More coming soon.]

Family Atherinopsidae (silversides)

     Atherinella argentea, moon silverside

     Atherinella chagresi

     Atherinella hubbsi

     Atherinella milleri

[More coming soon.]

Family Poeciliidae (livebearers)

     Alfaro cultratus, knife-edged livebearer

     Alfaro huberi

     Phallichthys amates, merry widow

     Poecilia mexicana species group, short-finned molly

     Priapichthys annectens

     Xenophallus umbratilis, olomina (a.k.a. “golden teddy”)

Family Cichlidae (cichlids)

     Amatitlania nigrofasciata, convict cichlid

     “Amatitlania kanna”

   “ Amatitlania siquia”

[More coming soon.]


Eastern North American freshwater fishes

Family Cyprinidae (minnows, chubs, etc.)

     Hybopsis winchelli species complex

Family Poeciliidae (livebearers)

     Heterandria formosa, least killifish

Family Centrarchidae (sunfishes and black basses)

     Micropterus cataractae, shoal bass

     Micropterus coosae, redeye bass

     Micropterus dolomieu, smallmouth bass

     Micropterus henshalli, Alabama bass

     Micropterus notius, Suwannee bass

     Micropterus punctulatus, spotted bass

     Micropterus salmoides salmoides, largemouth bass

     Micropterus salmoides floridanus, Florida bass

     Micropterus treculi, Guadalupe bass


Australian freshwater fishes

Family Galaxiidae (galaxiids)

     Galaxiella pusilla, dwarf galaxias

[More coming soon.]